Thomas Zurbuchen
Senior Counselor for Entrepreneurial Education

Enjoy these thoughts and progress reports on innovation and Innovate Blue. Would you like to be a guest blogger? Contact us to indicate interest or suggest a post.

Female Entrepreneurs ~ by Thomas Zurbuchen

There is always a need for support and encouragement to the women at the University of Michigan, and history shows the impact of such support: The first woman to study engineering, Mary Hegeler graduated in ...

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The Innovation Intersection

Big and impactful innovations occur at the intersection and overlap of three seemingly different spaces – the Feasible, the Viable and the Desirable. If only one or two of these criterion are fulfilled, the ideas ...

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Innovate Blue launched!

The University of Michigan innovation and entrepreneurial programs are second to none, but that integration has been a dream for many and visible for few. In a series of meetings with student leaders and faculty ...

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Innovate Blue and Student Orgs

Student organizations have long played a critical role in the educational experience of University of Michigan students. Because of this, student organizations are at the heart of Innovate Blue.  It is often in student organizations ...

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Innovate Blue and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Our mission to build out innovation and entrepreneurial programs should not be confused with the creation of on-campus startups. The principal reason [TZ1] for Innovate Blue is to equip our soon to be graduates and support ...

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Three lessons…by Thomas Zurbuchen

Here are three interesting lessons I learned last year while observing many entrepreneurs and running a number of entrepreneurial projects. I believe these lessons are applicable generally for leaders who seek to create change. First ...

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