Innovate Blue launched!

The University of Michigan innovation and entrepreneurial programs are second to none, but that integration has been a dream for many and visible for few. In a series of meetings with student leaders and faculty alike, the most asked question typically is: “how do I find out what is happening here on campus and how to take advantage of the many programs that are offered here?”.

It took us a while to get there, but we are now launching Innovate Blue! The goal of innovate blue is simple and powerful:

“Innovate Blue unifies the University of Michigan innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, a web of experience-based curricula, mentorship, university units, and student-led organizations that enables Wolverines to turn their dreams into action. At Innovate Blue we support both individual creativity and multi-disciplinary teams in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, taking full advantage of an academic and experiential space that promotes safe risk-taking and advances entrepreneurial innovation.”

By creating Innovate Blue, the University of Michigan is using a proven approach in Planet Blue, which has become a leader around topics of University of Michigan sustainability, unifying topics related to our power plant, our educational programs and our research.

With the creation of Innovate Blue, the university sets a bold statement about the importance and accessibility of topics that relate to innovation and entrepreneurship around campus. For many Wolverines on campus and also alumni, this is a dream come true. Finally, we can deploy and showcase the power of entrepreneurship to so many!

For those Michigan innovators out there, use #innovateblue to highlight your achievements centrally. And for everybody, please be sure to provide your inputs and insights about Innovate Blue to us. We will also ask guest contributions for this blog.

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