Masters of Public Health

Liquid Gold Concept


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Anna Sadovnikova wants to improve the breastfeeding experience by giving mothers the know-how to take control of their milk production. Anna’s venture, Liquid Gold Concept LLC, has created an anatomically correct lactation simulation model to sell to nursing, medical schools, and lactation programs. The model will be used to train future health care professionals in lactation procedures such as manual expression of milk and breast abscess ultrasound.

Liquid Gold Concept was developed during University of Michigan’s Innovation in Action competition through the School of Public Health in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship. The inspiration for a lactation simulation model came from Anna’s month abroad in Brazil learning hand expression for breastfeeding women.

Watch a video on Brazil’s human milk banking system and check out some of the coverage from Anna’s time exhibiting with her venture at SXSW in Austin, Texas.