Multidisciplinary Teams Win Big at School of Public Health’s Innovation in Action Challenge

U-M’s School of Public Health Innovation in Action competition, operated in partnership with the College of Engineering Center for Entrepreneurship, wrapped up recently after an exciting 6 month program that led multidisciplinary teams move an idea from concept to reality. The goal of the program, which was first organized last year, is to empower students to innovate solutions that address public health problems while creating a safe environment to take risks and move beyond the classroom.

The Innovation in Action event highlights the work of multidisciplinary teams from the School of Public Health, School of Information, Ross School of Business, College of Pharmacy, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Medical School, College of Engineering and College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Meet the Winners

LivPoz: Grand Prize Winner
When faced with an ongoing, life-altering illness, how does a person cope? For HIV patients, managing a strict medication and lifestyle regimen is quite literally a matter of life or death. This constant need for vigilance lends itself to a sense of overwhelm, leaving plenty of room for serious errors to occur. Our mobile app, LivPoz, alleviates this burden. LivPoz is a tool for HIV patients to manage their medications and maintain a healthy, positive mindset.

Team Members:

  • Jin Zhang, College of Engineering
  • Maria Gosur, School of Information
  • Ramit Saraswat, College of Engineering
  • Ryan Gourley, School of Natural Resources & Environment, Ross School of Business, and College of Engineering
  • Ryan Sanii, School of Public Health and School of Information

Fresh Fare: 2nd
Fresh Fare provides an innovative solution to a debilitating barrier to food access—lack of reliable transportation—by establishing an interface between grocery retailers and a rideshare program to enable transportation-limited individuals to shop for healthy foods in well-stocked grocery stores.

Team Members:

  • Ali Jensen, School of Public Health
  • Mikaela Rodkin, School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) and Ross School of Business
  • Stacey Matlen, School of Public Health
  • Christine Priori, School of Public Health and Ross School of Business

ChopChop: 3rd (tied)
Chop Chop makes healthy choices accessible, appealing, and affordable! ChopChop’s product is a convenient “grab-n-go” dinner kit, complete with a “30 minute or less” recipe and the fresh, seasonal pre-measured ingredients necessary to prepare a delicious and healthy meal.

Team Members:

  • Abigail Schachter, School of Public Health
  • Carly Thanhouser, School of Public Health
  • Lily Hamburger, Ross School of Business
  • Molly Maher, School of Public Health and School of Information
  • Margaret Dowling, School of Public Health
  • Shaila Chhibba, School of Public Health and Ross School of Business

Home: 3rd (tied)
Home culturally-tailors diabetes community groups modeled after the traditional talking circle in Native American tribes.

Team Members:

  • Ashley Shar, College of Pharmacy
  • Stephanie Burke, College of Pharmacy
  • Emily Hearst, School of Public Health
  • Emily Stebbins, School of Public Health

Background: about the competition

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