Student innovations offer solutions for health concerns

What if your phone could tell you that the yogurt you bought weeks ago is about ready to expire? Or while at work you could check a list of what’s in the fridge to find out which ingredients are close to their expiration dates for that recipe you want to make tonight.

These are a couple of the functions a student group plans to make part of Fresh Fridge, an app they hope will make a dent in the $165 billion of food that goes to waste in the United States every year.

“Forty percent of food is wasted from farm to table,” Trevor Dolan, LSA student, told an audience at the final pitch session earlier this month for a competition called Innovation in Action (IIA). The average family of four throws away about $2000 of food each year, he added.

The smart phone application would scan a grocery receipt and, based on the day of the purchase, would calculate an expiration date using USDA guidelines for perishable food. Users could manually change it if they wanted to input the actual “best by” date. The app then would order items on a list according to expiration dates, soonest first, to serve as a reminder to use the items before they go bad.

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  • qmarkets

    June 5, 2016

    Great innovation indeed! This only proves the power of the wisdom of the crowd, when it comes to solving problems. Would love to get more updates about this project

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