we have much to talk about (/entrepreneur) – By Guest Blogger Jessica Henry, Center for Entrepreneurship

Today, the Center for Entrepreneurship launched a blog that gives students one of the few official direct links to U-M and the Bay Area. M-Engage Program Director Jessica Henry will be posting content about alumni, entrepreneurship, innovation, opportunities, and more that are happening with our community on the West Coast. Here’s an insightful snippet from her first post:

so on this first post…let’s talk entrepreneur. and what it is. and who it is.

one day after the university announced a new minor in entrepreneurship that is available to all undergraduates (this is huge news, y’all), here’s why i think this is so cool: because entrepreneurship is agnostic. it’s not just technology. it includes technology, and technology certainly has a large plate at that thanksgiving feast (and certainly supports many of the other industries), but it’s not.just.technology. and i am saying this as an employee of the college of engineering, and as a rent-payer in the tech city known as san francisco. new ideas can come from anyone. the designer. the actor. the doctor. the engineer. the chef. the financier. it is when that designer-actor-doctor-engineer-chef-financier can marry idea + action that he or she can add the coveted /entrepreneur.

designer/entrepreneur. actor/entrepreneur. doctor/entrepreneur. engineer/entrepreneur. my point is that it could be anyone. it could be you. it might be you. it’s you.

one of the coolest things about the bay area is that it is a culture of innovation. it thrives on innovation. it provides resources for innovation. it wants you to innovate. and while it is the mothership of many of the most successful commercial entrepreneurial ventures of recent years, it is also the home of individuals looking to move their ideas into action today. and many of these individuals are michigan alumni. many of whom – but not even close to all of whom! – i have had the pleasure of meeting since i started this gig in april 2014. these alumni are engineers and business professionals. they are also models, writers, coaches, designers, managers, contractors, interns, and freelancers. the common thread: they are moving on their ideas. taking action. they are entrepreneurs.

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