At the University of Michigan we embrace entrepreneurship from all angles — from engineering and research, to art and design, health and social development, and everything in between. Entrepreneurship programs extend to every discipline and connect a united community working together to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our engaged learning approach combines an educational foundation with opportunities for practice, so that students gain self-agency and the ability to innovate and take risks.

The result? Graduates well-equipped to collaborate across disciplines to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, build new businesses, become innovators within existing companies, and create social ventures for the public good.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur at Michigan?


Entrepreneurs at U-M embrace opportunities to create value through new innovative solutions that have a positive impact. Value is measured not just in profit, but also purpose: whether it’s the creation of products or services that are the basis of a for-profit business or a non-profit social venture, or bringing entrepreneurial skills to an existing organization.


Rarely do individuals acting alone manage to get big, significant projects off the ground. Entrepreneurs at U-M are driven by a multidisciplinary team approach with broad social contacts that help mitigate the risk of doing something bold and significant. Our programs draw on a united community of business leaders, technology experts, engineers, designers, public health innovators, artists, and others who are working together to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.


Entrepreneurs embrace an element of risk when doing something new and confronting uncertainty. Often this involves engaging with messy problems that have many moving and interrelated parts.


Entrepreneurship at Michigan is not just about the outcome, such as a product or the resulting business or non-profit, it’s a way of thinking and acting. This mindset helps create an understanding of the aspects of the world we want to make better.