Entrepreneurship is about hope ~ by Thomas Zurbuchen

Entrepreneurs create new where there is nothing and change in the face of adversity and often against all odds. Entrepreneurship is therefore fundamentally about hope in a world that dearly needs hope. To me, that is one of the most important reason to be actively involved in creating entrepreneurial programs and work harder than is considered normal :  by empowering students, faculty and staff in their entrepreneurial quests, we kindle fires of hope that can turn into sweeping blazes of change for the good.

Hope is one of the strongest values we can have in our lives, together with faith and love. “Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love,” says the bible. Having hope is holding on to a good outcome in the presence of negative evidence and inadequacy. It’s about believing that the best is yet to come and, in fact, we can affect that it does come. It is like looking at the stars while sitting in the gutter (according to Oscar Wilde).

Entrepreneurs are people who put hope into strategy and into action. The stories are countless, the evidence plentiful: Hope does in fact create better futures. In fact, many great achievements in the word came from discouraged women and men who kept on working, holding onto hope.

Whether they want to create social justice with their entrepreneurial venture, or work to save lives around the world, whether they want to create joy in people’s lives, or simply want to make lives easier and better through their new technologies, impact-driven entrepreneurs are what makes me hopeful even after a week of heart-wrenching news and visiting some political people in Washington DC.

What gives you hope? How do you turn your hope into action and positive impact in this world?

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