MBA, 1992

Co-founder of HandyLab

Jeff Williams

Since earning is MBA from U-M in 1992, Jeff Williams has led a series of spinoff biotech companies. Williams’ string of successes began with Genomic Solutions, a life science products company he co-founded in 1997. It went public in 2000 and merged with Harvard Biosciences in 2002. In 2004, Williams became CEO of HandyLab, a maker of medical diagnostic devices; it was sold in 2009 to Becton, Dickenson and Co. And in 2010, Williams took over as CEO of Accuri Cytometers, which makes devices for cell analysis; a division of Becton, Dickenson acquired that company also, in 2011. Williams is now CEO and Chairman of the Board of Tangent Medical Technologies, another medical device company.