Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology

Hunein Maassab

U-M Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology Hunein F. Maassab worked on influenza vaccine over his entire career beginning in the 1950s. He first isolated the influenza type A-Ann Arbor virus in 1960 and over the decades worked to develop a B strain, and find the technology to re-engineer new vaccine lots with each year’s flu strain.

Through this work he eventually developed FluMist®, a flu vaccination that has proven to be very effective. Because it’s a nasal spray, FluMist® is a special boon for children, who often hate getting shots. The vaccine can be used in children, adolescents, and adults aged 2 through 49. U-M licensed the technology to Aviron in 1995, which was acquired by MedImmune in 2002. The FDA granted final approval in 2003.