Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Engineering; Ruth Dow Doan Professor of Nanotechnology; Director, Food Allergy Center; Director, Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences

2/11/08 Studio portrait of James Baker

U-M Professor James R. Baker, MD’s work with synthetic lipid and polymeric nanostructures has resulted in the development of nanoemulsions as a new class of antimicrobial agents. He developed NanoStat™, a technology that has been proven effective at killing a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its market applications range from treatments for cold sores, nail fungus, acne, and cystic fibrosis to mucosal vaccines against influenza, hepatitis B, and RSV.

Dr. Baker founded NanoBio Corporation in 2000, a spin-out of the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences at the University of Michigan which he leads. His research in the area of immunology and host defense has evolved into nanomaterials and their applications in medicine. Recently, he has been involved in gene transfer and drug delivery. These studies have produced new vector systems for gene transfer using dendritic polymers, which have the potential to revolutionize pharmaceutical therapy.