Robert H. Lurie Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

From Art to Part


Engineering Professor Jyoti Mazumder is the developer of an ‘Art to Part’ 3-D metal printing process that lets manufacturers make parts straight from drawings. He has developed some of the most sophisticated mathematical models to describe how heat from lasers effects materials. He has also invented a process and technology that allows manufacturers to “write with metal pixel by pixel,” he explains. “Direct metal deposition, as our technique is called, allows you to create 3D shapes directly from computer-aided design by adding materials instead of subtracting, which is the present practice.”

This technology eliminates the need to make a mold for each part to be manufactured. Mazumder commercialized this technology in 1998 through his company, POM Group Inc., which changed its name to DM3D Technology, LLC in January 2013. DM3D Technology, LLC manufactures and supplies direct metal deposition laser additive manufacturing machines for manufacture, remanufacture, reconfigure, repair, and restore parts.

Mazumder also directs of the Center for Laser-Aided Intelligent Manufacturing, which is currently bringing the science of spectroscopy to welding in order to spot quality problems quickly and pinpoint them — to be able to know exactly which parts are defective and exactly in which place — in hopes of reducing waste in the manufacturing process.

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