Heel Secret



University of Michigan dance major, Kiri Chapman, combined her ballet training and entrepreneurial experiences to create an innovative shoe insert to keep high heel shoes in place, preventing blisters and potential accidents.

As a ballet dancer, Kiri was used to modifying her pointe shoes to fit better. One of her custom solutions, a small insole with an elastic strap around the heel of the foot, was so helpful that she decided to try it out with heels, too.

With the mentorship, confidence, and experience gained from the 9-credit program in entrepreneurship through University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE), she was ready to bring her idea to life and change the way women wear high heels with her venture, Heel Secret.

After receiving a Jump Start Grant through the CFE, Kiri gained a provisional patent for her shoe insert and went on to take 2nd place in the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, winning $5,000.

Check out a video on how Heel Secret works, and read this feature on Kiri in Concentrate Media.